The teaching and message of Gharib Nawaz (R.A) have been of an exceptional character as compared with any other saints in India. His simple teaching penetrated even a stony heart his affectionate look silenced the fiercest enemy he brought the message of universal love and peace his teaching became the basis of other succeeding Chisti sufis, who became religious pioneer in National Integration in the country and in spreading Islam. The teaching of Gharib Nawaz (R.A) have been recorded in several books on mysticism the essence of his teachings are : Closest to Allah is one who possesses the following three quality 1. Magnanimity of the river

    • Kindness of the sun

    • Humility of the earth.

    • Noblest of Character is possessed by one who is

    • Beautiful in poverty

    • Content in Hunger

    • Cheerful in Grief
    • Friendly in Hostility

    • Surest way to keep off the internal punishment in the hell is

    • To feed the hungry

    • To redress the aggrieved

  • To help the distressed

Without performing " Namaz " none can approach " Allah" because " Namaz" is the Climax (miragj) in the process of such approach for pious The heart of a lover ( True lover of Allah ) constantly burns with the fire of love so much so that what ever intruders upon its sanctity is reduced to ashes Of all the worship that pleases Almighty Allah the best is the great of relief of the humble and oppressed The path of love of God is such a path that who so ever steps into it , loses himself. Only one can realize the Almighty who is away from the world and does not consider himself AArif (Spiritual person). According to seekers of God to see five things is a worship even these are seen separately :

    • To see parents

    • To see QURAN MAJID

    • To see ULEMA

    • To see KHANA-E-KABA

    • To see PIR-E-TAREEQAT

    • There are four stages of love

    • Always remember God

    • Go Extreme in remembering God and be happy in doing the same.

    • Follow such paths which help you in giving up the love for worldly desires

    • One who wants salvation and want protection from chastisement on the day of judgement should fulfill the needs of poor and hungry.

    • Good company is better than doing good deeds and bad company is worst than commenting evils

    • To help the oppressed is the best soul of worship

    • One who never returns needy empty handed is darwesh

    • Arief always considers death as his friend, comfort as his enemy and he always remembers God

    • One who commits sin and consider himself near to God is a cruel

    • Nawaz is a responsibility if you rightfully fulfill it you with head before God on the day of Judgement

    • One who possess three qualities is Arif

    • Fears

    • Respect

    • Shyness

    • The more sincerely and whole heartedly Namaz is offered the more you will be close to Allah Pak

    • The Enlightened is one who does not keep anything dear to his heart except the remembrance of God

    • In the world there is nothing better than the society of the mystics and the respect shown to the saints.

    • Be ever prepared for Death

    • he Indeed is constant and firm in love who voluntarily and with delight accepts all the troubles and pain received from the friend

    • Whosoever got any blessing got by Generosity indeed

    • A Darvesh should be so close to God that God may give him whatever he want if not then he is not entitled to be called Darvesh

    • Those indeed are the loves of God. who if they offer morning prayers are continuously in the thought of the friend till the next morning prayer

    • Those who are true lovers of God gives away both of the worlds for the sake of their beloved and even then feel that they have done nothing worthy

    • One who does not perform devotion to Allah is engaged in the career of attaining sinful earning

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