Way of Offerings

At any HOLY DARGAH particularly at Ajmer .The nature and purpose of offerings apart from what has been said earlier is, 

1.) Firstly a person makes a vow and when his vow is fulfilled he makes the offerings. 
2.) The second form of the offerings is that the devotee has not made any vow, but when he visits the DARGAH he out of devotion presents money or any other thing at the holy grave of the saint with the intention that whatever he is presenting will be used by those who are entitled to receive it. At Ajmer the devotees pay the offering to us as their well wisher or spiritual preceptor.  
3.) The third form of offering is that it is paid directly to the Us knowing well that the same is for the benefit and personal use. 
4.) The fourth form is that devotees pay a particular amount of offering to the Us and limit its expanses they clearly specify the purpose i.e., to feed the poor, to spend in religious and spiritual functions, to present flowers or chadar (made of cotton or fine cloth) on the mazar or for any other activity related with HOLY DARBAR of PLEASE CONTACT ME:                 

  • To achieve the spiritual blessings of Hazrat Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A) and for all religious services regarding the holy Darbar Sharif.

  • To remit all Nazar-O-Niyaz and to make religious performance on your behalf at holy Darbar Sharif.

  • To participate in the Monthly Fateha (Chatti Sharif) to be observed on every 6th of moon.       Whenever you or your relatives, friends, intend to pay homage to Darbar Sharif, please inform by e_mail, telephone or by letter.

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