Vakil Ashrafi
Syed Mohammed Hadi Moini

Baitunnoor, Jhalra,
Dargah Sharief, Ajmer,
Rajasthan, India 305001
Mobile: +919829156633, +919829127862
0091145 2432193

  • To achieve the spiritual blessings of Hazrat Khwaja Gharib Nawaz(R.A) and for all religious services regarding the holy Darbar Sharif

  • To remit all Nazar-O-Niyaz and to make religious performance on your behalf at holy Darbar Sharif.

  • To participate in the Monthly Fateha (Chatti Sharif) to be observed on every 6th of moon.

  • Whenever you or your relatives, friends, intend to pay homage to Darbar Sharif, please inform by e_mail, telephone or by letter


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